Basic Information


To use this cable, simply connect one end to a video source device (like a Blu-ray player, computer, or streaming box), then connect the other end to your TV, computer monitor, or projector.


High-Speed HDMI cables support resolutions up to 4K@60Hz. Higher framerates, like 144Hz, are available at lower resolutions like 1080p.


High-Speed HDMI cables that don’t include boosters are bi-directional. For long cables with separate boosters, the booster should be connected between the cable and the display. Long cables with built-in boosters are marked to indicate which end of the cable connects to the Output port of your video source device, and which end connects to the Input port of our display.


HDMI cables are only able to carry digital signals. HDMI cables can not be connected to DVI-A or VGA ports using any combination of passive adapters, as these ports only support analog signals.